We have been working with custom soulutions for sliprings for the past 20 years. Our previuos employement was with Ceeco Machinery Manufacturer out of Concord, Ontario. We supplied the Wire and Cable industry with numerous machines all with custom sliprings. As we worked in the service industry for Wire and Cable we also had a chance to work on numerous other machine builders sliprings like LESMO machinery and Samps systems. We know what works and what doesn’t. If you are repairing and replacement is imminent contact us for solutions that may not require full replacement. Sliprings are typically utelized for moving AC and DC power into a rotating machine or part. The brush composition, the commutating material all play a vital role in continued longlivity of the rotating movement. With the advent of Radio communication becomming more cost effective we have also stopped recommending the usage of sliprings for control sytems. The maintenance operation of a high voltage slipring (>700Vdc) is also a critical and dangerous task.


radioWe have been installing factory process wireless control solutions for the past 6 years. After our first installation back in 2005 we realized we were onto something. From 19.2 Kbaud to 54 Mbits is an improvement factor of almost 3000%. This transmission speed is ussable sustainded data. Available Radio transmission rates  are 900 Mhz, 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz. The data throughput is where the difference lies. When we install the latest radios in your plant to your PLC’s then you will have secure access points anywhere within your facilities.

Troubleshooting from you office is no longer hardwired, the ability to walk the line and verify and troubledshoot problematic controlled devices right at the device. Start-ups can also become much easier as the ‘tethering’ from the PLC is now removed and one can freely walk between multiple PLC’s. Wireless Ethernet is the way of the future and we have the know how to do it right.


Monitor PLC data right to the Plant managers office or through secure VNC servers that will allow you to monitor your process on your I-pad or I-phone. We are currently working on a Blackberry Z-10 solution as well. This is a reality of our dedication these are custom solutions designed utelizing the latest current software and hardware. We do not believe in hidden software, we are transparent and future proof all our designs.

 Remote monitoring of PLC equipment is also provided over secure internet. We have several possibilities available one is VNC based the other is CLOUD based either one of these solutions will allow you to securely monitor your process from afar over the internet.

 VNC based basically allows the technician to take over the “on-site” computer once the connection is made the “off-plant” computer controls the “on-site” computer. This methodology allows the “off-site” technician to go online with your “in-plant” software and see why the production process has halted. The benifits of this is that you can watch the technician do his work as you see what he sees, total transparency.

The CLOUD based system allows us to link two seperate connections to be made at a secure CLOUD based site. This process is inexpensive and allows the “off-site” technician the ability to log into the PLC using his computer and software. There is no requirement for an “on-site” computer and no requirement for expensive “on-line” software or skill sets. These cloud based systems can also work on Cell phone networks or dedicated high speed internet connections.

 Both methods Cloud or VNC are safe and secure as the customer or end user has the abilty to “pull the plug” and prevent unauthorized access to the process. This also gives the end user quick and effective troubleshooting skill set’s at their disposal.

Contact us directely if this is what you need we have different levels of service agreements that can help you with your bottom line.