The Winter  is almost here and it is cold outside.


We completed that upgrade in September. In about 6 days all the PLC’s were exchanged with Controllogix processors. The old MapleView Touchscreen was replaced with a new 17″ Allen Bradley Touch Display. The Radios were working and the Software was re-written (I/O was offset). Two weeks after running the radios stopped working. The Radio’s were running for 3 weeks in Toronto and 2 weeks at the customer’s facility. ProSoft worked on a solution and 24 hours later we were back in operation. We received 5 star service from Mark Lueck of Prosoft and once again thank you. Five weeks later the line is still running with no issues.




In this revision we are going to offer free software routines with time limited capabilities for Controllogix5000 processors. These files will be available for download and need to be requested from us. The first that we are offering is a Devicenet block that was written for the Parker/SSD Devicenet Modules 6053 and 6055 Output Instance #0070. This block is a function block and will allow you to move information from the 1769-SDN Devicenet Scanner to a 690+ AC drive. This block will also take care of all the 16 Bit words to the drive from the Devicenet scanner (it is running 32-Bits). Later we will are also giving away the input block that reads the same AC 690+ drive through the Devicenet scanner. Once installed the Controllogix Integers will be written correctely to the Drive. keep in mind that Controllogix reads / writes in 32 Bits and the 690+ Drive sends / receives the information in 16 bits.

IMG_00001101IMG_00001108 In an up coming Web update site we are going dedicate a web page to taking apart DC and AC drives. The first posting will be on taking apart Parker / Eurotherm / SSD 590 DC drive followed by the 690 + series drives. This will cover the basics on How to take a drive apart, right down to the SCR’s / IGBT’s. In these pages there will be complete tear downs and how to check the important Semi-Conductors. Nothing like sending a drive out for repair only to be told that the SCR’s were blown at a cost of $ 400 each .

 In April we received a disturbing phone call a long time client came across a Vector drive that had no running fans. This led to a further investigation as to the reliability of those fans. Our conclusion is they will last about 4000 hours and then there will be issues such as seizing and  burning out. Replacement is probably the best proactive solution, that is every 3-4 years replace those drive fans. A drive that receives no cooling will eventually have issues that could be extremely costly.

For those whom question our ability and are perhaps being told otherwise Rewire Automation was formed in 2000 for the sole purpose to work with various customers in North America. Working for 1 customer was not going to work for us. We needed Diversity and we found it working with various customers. Rewire Automation is a system integrator that is able to do it all. We prefer to work with your electricians and controls people.