On a Normal strander that doubling of the RPM is not there, PITCH basically = Line Speed / RPM in a Double Twist the formula is Line Speed / 2 X RPM. It is a formula all employees in the Wire and Cable Industry should know, especially maintenance.

If one was to measure the rotation of the machine and then measures the line speed with a tachometer the running pitch of the product can be calculated. The math is the simple truth. Knowing that the formula works then allows for machine controls to be developed. This is why you hire technical expertise from REWIRE AUTOMATION INC. if the process is wrong we can determine where it has gone wrong. When the error is determined we can plan on a fix.

At Ceeco I spent a lot of time working on Double Twist Stranding machines. I have personally commissioned 7 machines for Ceeco Machinery.

  • Kumi, South Korea (LG)
  • Weyburn, Saskatchewan (AT)
  • Sedalia, Missouri (AC)
  • Carrollton, Georgia (SW)
  • Quito, Ecuador (EC)
  • 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt. (SP)
  • Rhode Island, USA

All Double twist machine work the same each RPM is doubled for every metered length. Rewire has had the pleasure of working on two Lesmo DT’s a 1600 and 1800 after we were done with those machines they finally worked properly. As for Samp they had a 1250 DT that was in Carrolton we fixed that one as well (major removal and replacement of Italian Electronic hardware).

We can service Sliprings on the Lesmo machines and have replaced them as well (not a small job a lot of work in fact), an error can be costly as the commutators cost around $ 30,000.00.

I cannot stress this enough we know what goes on inside and outside these machines, Northhampton’s included. If it is time to retrofit these machines would it not make sense that you hire someone who knows and understands the machine and the process.